Making Holiday Lights Festive, Frugal, and Energy Efficient

January 12, 2015

  • Wait until the evening to turn on outdoor lights. This can be accomplished with relatively little strain through the use of cheap outlet timers. These timers can be set to turn the plug on at a certain time each evening, usually around 7:00PM during the winter months.
  • Invest in newer and more energy efficient light strings. This energy saving measure can free up extra money during the holidays for more fun ventures like gifts and holiday treats. LED lights are far more efficient than those clunky old fashioned light strings.
  • Solar powered light strings are a great choice for the holidays. These lights spend all day collecting energy from the sun and then they turn that solar energy into festive holiday lighting in the evening.

Energy efficiency starts in the home, education and then action are required in order to save money and spare wear and tear on the home’s resources.

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