Home Energy Loan Program

There are home efficiency loan programs available to help you finance an energy efficiency improvement project on your home. The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has partnered with the Maryland Maryland Clean Energy (MCEC) to provide financing for Maryland property owners.

maryland home energy load program

Do I Need a Home Energy Efficiency Audit?

A home energy efficiency audit will help you identify the best energy efficiency improvements. Home Energy Saving Solutions can make these improvements to your home. You may be eligible for financing for these improvements through MHELP.

Maryland Home Energy Loan Program (MHELP)

The Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) and Mariner Finance offer loans to homeowners within Maryland for the purpose of home energy improvement projects. The goal of these loans is to allow homeowners to make home improvements to their home which will improve comfort, boost property value and reduce energy bills and environmental impact.

Homeowners may be eligible for one of two interest rates. When you get a home energy audit and make the suggested improvements, you qualify for a better rate.

A rate of 6.99% is available to those who complete a home energy audit and suggested improvements. A rate of 9.99% is available to those who only wish to complete equipment upgrades without having an energy audit completed first.


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