What Is Weatherization?

Weatherization consists of making improvements to a building to protect it from the weather and outside elements. There are two very effective things you can do to weatherize a home to make it more comfortable. These include:

  • Sealing Leaks
  • Insulating

Sealing Leaks

A good way to keep air from escaping or coming into your home is by sealing leaks. Before this is done, we will perform what we call a “blower test” to see how much air is being lost. Then we will know which areas of the house need to be sealed. We use a wide variety and methods to do this. The biggest and most common mistake we see is fiberglass insulation being used as an air barrier.  Fiberglass is a great air filter, but it will not stop the air leaks from coming through.


Another thing that can be done to weatherproof your house is to add more insulation. This will keep your home from losing heat. We can do this with a wide variety of high quality products that also contain air blocking properties. After we finish this process, we will do the blower test again so you can see the results.