Get $250 in the Arlington Energy Rebate Savings!

Residents of Arlington County can take advantage of a $250 rebate by having a contractor participating in the Home Performance with Energy Star program conduct an energy audit of their homes. These audits measure the energy efficiency of the home by using one or more pieces of equipment that identifies energy losses through heat transfer and air infiltration.

Arlington County is offering this incentive because it wants to lower energy consumption among its residents by increasing energy efficiency rather than lowering comfort. An audit uncovers these problems:

1. Air infiltration. When forced air heating and cooling systems turn on, they can pull air through cracks through the exterior envelope of the building. This raises energy bills because the outdoor air is either hotter or colder than the interior air.

Even when the HVAC equipment isn’t running, air infiltration drives up energy bills because air can enter or leave the home, especially on windy days. Likely places include recessed ceiling fixtures that enter the attic, window and exterior door frames, attic hatches, sill plates, and anywhere pipes, wires or cables enter the home.

2. Inadequate insulation. Thermographic equipment shows where insulation is inadequate. Cameras, either still or video, show thermal differences. Heat naturally travels toward cold. In the summer, the warm air outdoors enters your home through the ceilings and walls. In the winter, the warm indoor air seeps out through the roof, windows and walls.

The auditors measure air infiltration and thermal losses by:

1. Closing up homes tightly and placing an adjustable door in an exterior door frame. The blower door has a powerful fan that pulls the air out of the home. Most blower doors have air pressure gauges that indicate how much air needs to keep the house at a certain negative pressure inside. Homes that are tight loose need a lower flow of air outward, while homes with more air infiltration have higher air flow, since air leaks indoors quickly through cracks, gaps and holes.

2. Using thermographic cameras. The difference in temperatures pinpoints where the air and thermal losses occur. The color differences depend on the season the audit occurs.

The energy evaluation tells homeowners where they need to seal the leaks and increase the insulation. Some people are comfortable doing the improvements themselves, but for those who would rather turn it over to a pro, Arlington County is also providing rebates for sealing and insulating projects that the audit uncovers.

We are a participating contractor that can help you cash in on the savings! To learn more about the Arlington Energy Rebate or to schedule an energy audit,  give us a call today to schedule an energy audit call us today 301.842.8818!