Energy Audits, for Long Term Comfort and Affordability

Energy efficiency in the home is both an issue of comfort and affordability. Sometimes, a simple inspection can literally change the temperature of a house, and the household budget. As the world tackles the issues of rising energy prices and climate change, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate home energy use and prepare for better energy efficiency. This can be done with a energy audit.

An energy audit is a strategic inspection to determine how a building is losing energy spent due to structural flaws or undetected openings. The US Department of Energy highlights multiple forms of home energy auditing.

  •  Thermographic Inspections: Thermographic inspections are performed with a device that reads infrared imaging of a home from outdoors. The images (thermograms) produced can show where heat is being generated and where air leakages could allow that heat to escape. This is one type of inspection, though much information is missed without the blower door test done in conjunction..
  •  Blower Door Tests: This audit requires a special high-powered fan used to decrease the air pressure indoors. The fan is attached to a door and blows air outward. From there, pressure can be measure from possible cracks or other opening in the house. Again, a professional is generally hired for this type of test.

By following these energy saving steps and having a home energy audit performed, homeowners can enjoy their living space for years to come.

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