William O.

HESS performed an energy audit in late June and provided a detailed report with recommended energy saving fixes. We agreed on some attic insulation work and they came out to do the job on 11 July 2011. They put fire-proof insulation over our recessed lighting, spray-foamed the attic to seal it and put in loose, blown-in insulation to raise our insulation R-value from an R-5 to an R-49!!

The auditor showed up on time and was very detailed in his inspection of our 50 year old house. He found a good amount of items that need to be fixed including the insulation in the attic and some of the basement insulation. He was very honest about what was good and what wasn’t. We thought me had a poor seal on one of our doors, but he said that it was actually doing a good job of sealing the home. He also did a blower door test to see where the house was leaking air. He provided a very detailed, 12-page report with thermal pictures. He also provided a detailed contract of all the work he thought would have a payback in the amount of time we planned to stay in the home (3-4 years). He gave us a military discount. He also threw in spray-foaming some of the penetrations (mostly HVAC) we had in the basement walls!

When he and his workers showed up they were right on time and very professional and did the work relatively quick (~6 hours)! His workers were great and cleaned up after themselves (even vacuumed!) before they were finished. The owner came back and inspected the work and also did another blower-door test to see how well the air-exchange rate had improved. The insultation has already made a big difference in our home temp and how often the A/C kicks on!

One the coolest things about HESS is that at the end they tell me that he just heard about a VA state rebate program that’ll pay you for the cost of the audit and 20% of any work you had done! He diligently sends me the paperwork I need to apply for the rebate and it turns out I’m likely to get about $700 back from VA! He didn’t have to tell me that, and he also could’ve expected to raise the price of the work a little, since he now knew I was going to get a nice rebate, but he didn’t…he was completely honest, upfront, and professional! I really wish all my interactions with contractors and others who’ve worked on my home were as smooth and professional as they were with HESS!

I highly recommend these guys and with the state and federal rebates and tax breaks you get for making energy improvements to your home, their work will pay for itself very quickly!!