Thomas W.

We recently bought a 1960’s colonial and spent a very expensive winter heating our space. We knew that there were issues with a lack of insulation and set out remediating some of the glaring problems that we saw. We knew that we needed help identifying problem areas, so we contacted several energy auditors. Luckily for us, we found Home Energy Saving Solutions. Our auditor, who is also the owner, was Mohammed. He arrived promptly, on-time for our 8:00 appointment. First, we sat down and he asked a lot of questions regarding improvements we had done, allergy issues, etc. From there he began the inspection. He was extremely thorough, and encouraged me to accompany him throughout the process, explaining everything and giving tips along the way. There was a blower-door test, along with IR camera inspection and inspection of all of the gas lines, furnace, etc. Mohammed was at my home for a long time, several hours in fact, and he didn’t cut any corners. The next day I received a very detailed report, along with pictures, IR images, and tips on remediation that outlined a plan to greatly improve the energy efficiency of my home, and, more importantly, lower my bills. I was shocked when, two days later, I received a call from Mohammed. He was calling to ask if I had any questions, and encouraged me to call him if I needed any help in the future. How many companies or contractors do you know that give this level of customer service? Even if you are like me and unafraid to tackle just about any DIY project, I highly recommend talking to Mohammed and having an energy audit before you start. His expertise saved me a lot of money in the long-run. As an example, there was one wall that I was convinced I would need to tear down to put in insulation to stop a very bad draft. As it turns out, the IR camera identified the problem as a space between the trim that can be easily (and cheaply) fixed with a bead of silicone. Yes, an audit costs money, but it is not much, and it will pay for itself in energy bill savings and make your home far more comfortable.