Tae K.

The main reason Home Energy Saving Solutions (HESS) was chosen for my insulation need was that unlike most insulation companies, HESS offers sealing air leaks as part of their service. Our house had significant sealing air leaks due in part how it was constructed and various recessed lights that were installed post construction. Overall, after the service, our place is significantly more comfortable and we are looking forward to years of energy cost savings.


The company owner came out with testing equipment to check what fixes and insulation was needed in the house. In addition to performing a visual inspection, he used the infrared camera to identify hidden heat loss and air leaks, and air blower to measure the air exchange rate for overall loss of air/hr rate for the house. Based on his finding, I was provided an audit report and recommended fixed in the house. The overall cost for all the recommendation fix and install was within expectation.


The installation crew were on-time and finished couple hours ahead of schedule. Exposed air ducts were insulated, open areas on the attic were sealed, windows and doors were seals as needed, recessed lights were capped and sealed, and added varying amounts of blown insulation in the attic to R-49 from existing insulation that were from R-9 to R-12 in areas. There were other things done, but were too many to list. After the crew was done, they made sure to clear after themselves.


While we have not seen the new utility bill, but we can say that house is much more comfortable. We don’t have to put our kids in jackets at night because of their playroom does not get cold as before. And temperature around house is now consistent. The central air used to operate every few minutes during cold nights, but it now only operates every 15 minutes or so. Even the water heater seems to be benefiting because it was noticed we have make sure we don’t turn the hot water lever as much as before.



In all, we are very happy with the service and results, and have recommended HESS to friends who may be looking for a similar service in the future.