Susan L.

Air sealing all penetrations of the attic floor and the exterior walls, replacing weather stripping on two doors, insulating and weather stripping the attic hatch, and adding blown-in cellulose insulation to the attic to bring insulation values to R-39.

Mo, who is certified to perform such evaluations, first conducted a home energy audit of our home. During the audit, he described what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what he was finding. He readily answered all of my questions. His written report of the audit results was very clear and thoroughly described the energy issues that needed to be addressed and the means to remedy them.


Based on the audit report, we agreed upon a program of air sealing and added insulation which Mohammed and his crew performed. They were timely, neat, and professional. They showed me their work as they progressed and answered my questions readily and fully.


Unlike his competitors, Mo told me about Virginia’s energy rebate program and how to register for the program. He promptly provided all of the materials I needed to file for and get the full rebate. That provided a significant savings.


After the work was completed, some recessed lights in our kitchen ceiling began to blink out from time to time. I asked Mo to check whether his work had loosened any connections. He returned promptly, checked the lights, and found no problem. He suggested that heat build-up in the fixtures was probably the culprit and left the insulation raked away from these fixtures so we could check. Mod offered to pay for any electrical work needed to correct anything his crew did and suggested I talk with the electrician who installed the lights. I did, and the electrician also thought heat to be the problem. I replaced the incandescent spotlights with LEDs and the issue appears to be solved. Mo returned right away to replace the insulation over the lights. At every turn, Mo made our satisfaction with the work his first priority. I am delighted to give him an exellent review and I would recommend him highly.