Sheryl J.

What an awesome experience! I’ve lived in my house for nearly 10 years, and have always dealt with the master bedroom being freezing cold or hot. After spending thousands on new windows and HVAC, I was still suffering and scheduled an audit through a recommendation of a friend, who also had an audit with Mohammed, the auditor. I can’t believe I haven’t had this done years earlier! Mohammed was extremely knowledgeable, and found several causes, each of which he explained in detail to me and included in a report along with several pictures, regular and infra-red. Knowing my tight budget with all of the home improvements I’ve done, he showed me how to correct some of the problems myself, such as loose duct connections in the attic, air leakage into the walls, and more. He provided me with a quote to fix everything that needs to be done, and I plan on having some work done through his company some time in the future. I’ve done some of the simpler work myself, and my husband and I are shocked at the difference it makes in the comfort of our home.