Richard L.

They conducted a blower-door assessment of leakage in the house, provided a clear detailed report of findings (in my case 12 pages, including photos of temperature differentials) and a set of recommended actions and prices. The appointments for both the audit and the installation work were made quickly and easily. The technician is personable, explains things clearly and he and his installation crew were on-time, efficient, and got the job done within the estimated time frame. They’re remarkably neat, perhaps leaving things even cleaner than when they started.


I have a 1962 house whose hourly air change rate was .62. In other words, every hour the house loses 62 percent of its conditioned air. For comparison, an Energy Star certified house has a rate of .35 or lower. When he ran his post-installation test, they had brought my rate down by more than 50%, to the high .20s.


Attic insulation was increased from roughly R-12 to R-49, the recommended standard for Virginia. All the “top plates” and other penetrations of the attic floor were sealed with sprayed on foam and then the floor was covered with blown in insulation (formaldehyde-free). An energy conserving tent was placed over the attic hatch entry way. The drop soffits in the kitchen were insulated. Rigid foam board was installed on our garage ceiling (which is under two very chilly bedrooms), to bring the insulation from nothing up to R-12. All wire and other penetrations of the garage ceiling were filled with spray foam. Doors were weather-stripped and adjusted as necessary and windows and door trim were caulked as necessary.


We got in just under the wire for the Virginia energy conservation rebate program (worth $595 to us), and they provided us with all the necessary paper work, with all their portions completed as necessary and with the information we needed to submit the rebate request.



We’d definitely hire these folks again for any future jobs like this. They’re everything one would hope a contractor to be.