he auditor, who was obviously very experienced, first did a walk through both the inside and outside of the house, pointing out many items and asking about the heating, AC, windows, etc. He then installed a BIG fan in my front door and then turned it on to pressurize the whole house. He went from room to room with a special thermal camera which instantly showed where there were energy leakages. I should receive the report in a few days, including estimates on remedial work that the firm itself will do, if I wish There was no hard sell for their insulation and weatherstripping services. In fact, even though they can arrange to install replacement windows, he was quick to tell me that the payback on window replacement is fairly long.

I’m a pretty savvy homeowner and think that I have already done a pretty good job making my house energy efficient. I am extremely impressed with the company and will be sure to recommend them to my friends and neighbors.