This work was done very well and I would use the company again. I have an older house, built in 1972 and we have made a number of improvements since we bought it in 2001.


I contracted, via Angie’s List, to have this company do an energy audit of my house last June. We have been in the house 10 years and have done a number of things to increase our energy efficiency: new windows, R-49 insulation in the attic, insulated garage doors, double glazed doors onto the deck and the basement and a few other things that all helped a lot. But when the temperature gets below 20, the main level of the house was cool, especially on the floor and our basement was very cold.


Mr. El-ghoul came to the house & carefully inspected from the basement to the attic & pointed out some areas that he thought were leaking air. Then he atttached a large fan to the front door frame, with the rest of the house shut tight & turned on the fan. He went around with an infra-red camera and took pictures of many locations in the basement and house that showed air coming into the house through the many small cracks & holes. The basement was very leaky all the way around the point where the foundation meets the frame of the house.


He submitted a proposal to us to to add weatherizing to the basement foundation walls, to seal all accessible penetration points to the outside, to the attic hatch, to various doors that were leaking & some other sites. The cost was $1600 and the company did the job in August in one day. It was still hot weather, but I could tell the house was staying cooler than before even though my impression was not based on real data.


I wanted to wait for cold weather before I wrote a review of the work and now it has arrived in Jan. 2012. This morning it was 18 at my house & the coldest morning yet was 13 degrees. The house is much more comfortable on these cold days and the temperature on each level is far more balanced than it used to be. The basement used to be cold, the main level cool, and the second floor was hot. Now the basement is warmer, the main level is very comfortable and the top floor is fine. With the thermostat set at 72 on a cold evening, the temperature in my bedroom was 71 when I came upstairs last night.


Another big difference to the house was the work he did around the laundry room, which is immediately behind the garage. In past years, that room would often be about 60 degrees or lower on a cold morning. When I got up this morning, it was 18 outside, 69 in the kitchen & 67 in the laundry room. I have kept a space heater in the back room since I lived in this house and I have not used it this winter.


The company did a very good job finding the penetration points in the house, pluggin the holes, and did this for a reasonable price. The comfort level, both summer and winter, has increased noticeably and we are very happy with the work done.