Janet T.

My house was built in 1983 so the attic and crawl space were in need of significant energy upgrades. We knew there were problems with an attic space that needed to be insulated and we had damp odors coming up into the first floor from a crawl space in the basement that had never had been properly sealed.

Mohammed suggested in his report putting a foam board in the attic since we have an air handler there to separate the outside space from the inside space. There are 2 bedrooms and a bath there also and the temperature change going up the stairs was at least 10 degrees in the summertime. They installed the foam board, taped all seams and put caulk into all the seams.

In the basement crawl space, under extremely restrictive space, they put insulation in all the outside walls and laid a plastic vapor barrier on the dirt, going up the wall a foot, overlapping and taping 12′ and applying foam caulk to all seams.

Mohammed analyzed the entire house and sent a very detailed written report within a few days of the inspection with suggestions for those 2 areas as well as insulating doors and windows that we knew were deficient. We discussed his report and agreed to go ahead with the work, although I had to postpone it once. Mohammed was very professional and sent me a notice of the Va rebate program and asked if we were still interested in having the work done. We decided to go ahead and are so glad we did! His workers did a tremendous job! The work was more intensive than originally thought and we quickly came to agreement on that. He is wonderful to work with and does a very thorough job. His employees are knowledgeable and are very professional in their work. I cannot recommend Mohammed and Home Energy Savings Solutions highly enough. We can’t wait to get our next utility bills to see the savings, we already can feel the difference in the temperature of the house.