Anne R.

The auditor from this company came out to do an inspection. He is pretty amazing. He has got like a spiroscope kind of an instrument whereby he sucks all the air out of the house and makes it pressure less practically and then you can see how the hot air is coming in, how hot it is , and how much it is , it is really an impressive performance. He really knows what he is doing. He is good. He was very knowledgeable. He looked at the connectors of the air- conditioner units outside and those are completely un-insulated. You just put your hand down there you can feel the cold air escaping. He is very well informed. He understands the technical aspects of all this. He can explain to you the various advantages you can have by doing certain things. So you need to choose you cannot fix everything. He is the third person who has been here to solve my problem of heating the house and basically is the first one who had any clue how to do it. This man was very thorough. I have discovered that ordinary contractors don’t understand the principals of energy efficiency and I go on line find out what the auditor is talking about. There are more modern, more efficient, more effective ways of doing things than what they are doing. He also gave me an estimate for the whole house and that is reasonable. I have not finished looking at the contract, and the repairs that he is recommending. I will have him to fix the problems.