How to Stay Cool This Summer

Despite a lengthy winter, summer is on its way. When temperatures climb, electric bills can climb with them. Cooling homes during the summer can account for more than half of utility costs. With tips from Department of Energy, homeowners can beat the heat and the bills while keeping cool and practicing energy efficiency.

  • Install a programmable thermostat to help manage air conditioning systems
  • Ensure windows and doors are closed to properly seal cool air in the house
  • Clean or replace furnace and air conditioner filters once a month
  • Keep the window shades and curtains closed during the day to block solar heat
  • Use ceiling fans or portable fans to circulate air through the home
  • Minimize usage of appliances the conduct heat (e.g. televisions and lamps) near the thermostat
  • Consider an ENERGY star compliant air conditioning unit
  • Set thermostats between 74-78 degrees or at the highest temperature comfortable
  • Keep yourself cool – drinking cool water regularly
  • Provide shade for the air conditioning unit’s outside portion, this can increase efficiency
  • Turn off the air conditioner if no one is home for more than an hour

The two keys to being energy and cost efficient are fairly basic – reduce unnecessary usage and have systems in place that are energy-efficient themselves. With a little homework and some daily practices, a home and its utility bill can both cool off for the summer.

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