Scheduling an Energy Audit

Aside from rent or a mortgage payment, utility bills are probably the biggest recurring monthly expense for those who rent or own a home. The cost of heating, cooling and powering up the home can be expensive. With energy costs rising, it is enough to make one wonder if their home is as energy efficient as it can be. Why not schedule an energy audit? An energy audit, or energy assessment, is an examination conducted by a trained professional to evaluate your home’s energy use and identify any problems that could be contributing to an unnecessarily high rate of consumption. There are a number of factors that can cause energy to be wasted. Common problems include:

  • Leaks
  • Insulation issues
  • Insufficient furnace and/or ductwork
  • Inefficient appliances

Identifying and addressing these issues will increase a home’s energy efficiency and lead to lower energy bills. In fact, an energy audit and remediation plan can save up to 30% in energy costs.

Homeowners have options for scheduling an audit. Many power companies will offer an assessment at no cost. This is typically a brief visual inspection and can identify the more obvious areas in need of improvement. This is a good option for anyone interested in addressing any obvious issues in the home.

A professional audit is more comprehensive. The professional auditor will utilize advanced measurement tools and spend several hours inspecting all areas of a home to conduct an extremely detailed evaluation.

A comprehensive energy audit will

  • Identify issues
  • Recommend solutions
  • Calculate payback period for improvements

This is the best option for anyone looking to really improve their home’s energy efficiency and dramatically reduce energy bills.

Anyone interested in saving money on home energy bills should consider scheduling an energy audit is easy! Call Home Energy Saving Solutions at 301.842.8818 or contact us here.