Pepco Rebate Program Makes Saving Energy Easy

Every winter, temperatures fall and with them come all the worry and frustration of trying to heat your home without letting energy costs run rampant. This problem can be made even worse if your house is drafty or poorly insulated, which can lead to burst or freezing pipes that could leave a home without water for extended periods of time and are expensive to repair. All of these factors result in a higher cost to take care of your home during the colder months, but there are ways to fight back against the elements and keep your home warm and comfortable, without breaking the bank. PEPCO Rebate Programs can help to cut the cost of heating or re-outfitting your homes, in order to be better prepared for the cold.

What are the possible benefits of the PEPCO Rebate Program?

  • Reduced costs of home energy audits to find where the most improvements can be made.
  • Increase in home comfort- this can be done in a variety of ways, like better insulation or improving air quality
  • Lowering utility bills can help to save the money in your pocket as well as reduce the cost to the environment.

What services are covered in the program?

  • Energy Audits
  • Air Sealings
  • Heating and Cooling Analysis
  • Wall and Crawl space Insulation
  • Duct Sealing

In total the program will offer a $100 discount off of the cost of a full home energy audit along with $200 of free efficiency upgrades. The normal costs of services like this would, on average, be $700, so the total savings passed on to the homeowner is equal to $300. So if you are tired of warming your home at the expense of your wallet, and would like to make your home more energy and environmentally efficient, then contact us today 301.842.8818 to schedule your home energy audit!