Maryland Energy Rebates: Potomac Edison

Many Maryland residents are choosing to install energy efficient upgrades to take advantage of rebates offered by Maryland utility companies. The rebates program objectives are designed to increase the home comfort level and lower long term energy expenses. The procedure begins with an energy audit of the entire home. Currently Potomac Edison has lowered the price of an energy audit with Home Energy Saving Solutions from $400 to $100. Potomac Edison customers are also provided $200 free efficiency item improvements. The audit detects energy efficiency upgrades that may meet the requirements for a 50 percent discount, up to $2,000 that will cover the costs of improvements. These include:

  • Air sealing
  • Duct sealing
  • Insulation
  • Duct insulation
  • Windows

Guidelines to Qualify for Rebate

  • Residential customer of Potomac Edison
  • Contractors must be enrolled with the Home Energy Savings Solution program
  • Homes must have electric heating or air conditioning to meet tune-up requirements
  • Potomac Edison has the right to examine all work
  • Rebates are paid to account holder of home
  • Improvements must meet city and state codes
  • Tax liabilities may be incurred with rebates
  • Rebates may take up to 90 days

If you live in Montgomery, Frederick, and Washington Counties, these are the areas that have Potomac Edison Rebate.  Call us today if you have any questions or to schedule your energy audit.