Maryland Energy Rebates: Pepco

Energy bills can be quite expensive for working class Americans. There are a number of ways for Pepco customers in Maryland to save on monthly energy costs.

Pepco is now offering a substantial energy savings to Maryland Pepco customers. The savings offered can help the average customer save a good deal on a regular basis.

Pepco has recently designed a new 1.8 million dollar rebate program which could mean extra money in the pockets of energy audit customers.

The new Pepco program makes it much easier and provides cash incentives for customers who choose to upgrade to high efficiency heating within the home or business. This energy efficient program is now being offered to a number of Pepco customers.

When a customer installs a new Energy Star natural gas furnace or water heater they can automatically save thousands of dollars annually on overall fuel costs. The Pepco customer must allow a service representative evaluate their current heating system and offer advice on upgrades as well as possible rebates and savings.

The overall savings that a Pepco customer receives depends on the model and type of equipment that is installed. In addition, once equipment is upgraded Pepco will also offer special seasonal tips. Seasonal tips help a customer to better understand how energy can be saved especially within the cold winter months.

The Pepco savings and rebates offered include a $300 rebate on a residential natural gas furnace, a $300 rebate for natural gas boilers residential, $50 rebate on natural gas heater and a $300 rebate on natural gas boiler for business.

Customers can simply save money and enjoy the leisure of upgrading their current heating system within the home or business.

Pepco customers need to contact their nearest service center to inquire about the current energy saving programs being offered. In addition, equipment upgrades may also be discussed when contacting the Pepco service center.

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