Kitchen Tips for an Energy-Wise Holiday

The holidays in winter can be a fun but very stressful time for hosts. Some of the issues facing families during the holidays include keeping guests happy, comfortable, and well fed. One of the best ways to ensure a comfortable holiday for guests and energy saving for hosts is an energy audit. An energy audit can help with energy saving throughout the rest of the year as well, not just during the holidays. here are a few more tips to help the winter holidays run more smoothly.

  1. Good cheer and smiles pile up during the holidays but unfortunately so do dirty dishes. One way to help conserve energy during the holidays with so many guests dining in is to make sure the dishwasher is full before operation. It can be very tempting to wash as one goes rather than risk letting the work pile up, but that can be a costly venture.
  2. The refrigerator gets quite a workout during the holidays. With hungry house guests searching for after and pre-dinner snacks, even a newer more energy efficient refrigerator can feel the strain. One way to help a refrigerator save a little energy is by keeping it well stocked at all times. A well stocked fridge and freezer needs less time to recover in between openings.
  3. When cooking and entertaining guests, remember to turn the thermostat down. Cooking can heat a home, particularly when the oven is running for a long period of time. Having lots of warm bodies in a home also raises the temperature.

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