What Kinds of Cost Effective Measures Can Be Put in Place to Make Your Home More Comfortable, Affordable, and Energy Efficient?

Putting energy saving measures into place in the home can help reduce carbon footprints as well as increasing savings. Another benefit to energy efficiency is a higher level of comfort. Many people think energy saving measures require things like new windows and insulation. Not everyone is in a position to remodel their home and many homes are already remarkably energy efficient and don’t require remodeling. Luckily there are smaller measures that anyone can take to make any home more comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable.

1. Energy audits are a great way to asses any problem areas of a home and offer viable solutions. An audit saves time and money by helping the homeowner or resident to avoid taking unnecessary measures while effectively focusing on useful changes.

2. A radiant heater with up to date safety features and a built in thermostat can be much cheaper to use in one room rather than raising the entire home’s temperature.

3. Unplug items when not in use or make use of power strips. Even when an appliance is turned off, the cord leeches energy from the socket. A power strip minimizes energy loss by providing one convenient shut off point.

4. Use nature whenever possible. Hang clothes to dry, hand wash dishes, let hair air dry rather than using a blow dryer, and adjust hours if possible to take advantage of daylight. Doing all of those things can significantly lessen energy costs while lowering a home’s carbon footprint.

5. Make sure all light bulbs are energy efficient and turned off when not in use. Energy efficient light bulbs have become a popular way to help keep energy bills down.

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