Infrared Devices for Energy Efficiency

Thermographic cameras capture images from the infrared spectrum instead of the visible spectrum. Their ability to sense heat signatures makes them useful for various purposes.

One of the major uses of these devices is in the military where they search for the combatants in the dark or use these to search underground facilities that are otherwise difficult to locate.

Search and rescue teams also use these routinely to search for individuals stuck within premises of crime scenes or those caught under debris in cases of building collapse.

Apart from the military, the firefighters also use these to detect the source of fire in case of dense smokes that disturb visibility.

Infrared cameras come in various configurations, sensitivities and resolution. And the use determines the kind of device that one would like to buy.

As far as homes are concerned, these have uses in perimeter monitoring and security monitoring.

A new and exciting application of this technology is to detect improper fills and structural defects in the masonry.

It can also be used for flat roof inspection wherein one can detect the infiltration of moisture into the roofs.

An interesting concept that came up somewhere in the middle of the 1990s was their use to detect acoustic insulation in cases of creating sound proof rooms or theatres.

With the growing concern on the depleting energy resources and the increasing energy costs, people have started incorporating the infrared cameras for energy audit.

Of late, the whole world has woken up to the problem of energy deficiency and the inefficient usage of the existing resources. Old bulbs are being replaced by CFLs and refrigerators have ratings based on their efficiency. The energy wasting defects of electronic wiring or switch boards can be easily detected using infrared vision. It is advisable to check for such leakages and abnormalities before buying houses. And routine check-up in houses is also an important need to eliminate the possibility of energy loss due to insufficient insulation. It would take just a little investment and a few seconds to establish this facility in a home but it would surely pay huge returns in the long run.