How to Save Energy and Provide Comfort in Your Home

There are a lot of ways to save energy and make a home more comfortable while doing it. By using simple energy saving tactics, and increasing energy efficiency, it is also possible to save money at the same time.

For most homes in the USA, the biggest energy user in the home is home heating unless a home is located in a warm zone, like a desert, when more energy is consumed for home cooling. For homes in colder climates, energy can be saved in the following ways:

  • Turn down the thermostat and wear warm clothes
  • Turn down the temperature of the water heater
  • Combine dish washing to minimize the use of hot water
  • Combine clothes washing to minimize the use of hot water, or wash in a warm/cold cycle.

These are the simplest, fastest ways to save energy. Still there are other things a homeowner can do to make the home more comfortable.

Many times, windows and doors leak and sealing doors and windows reduces energy lost through them. Even adding drapes or curtains will reduce heat loss through windows. Adding attic insulation can also reduce heat loss.

Simply by looking into the attic and determining how much insulation is present, and see if it is evenly distributed. On occasion, someone has disturbed the attic insulation and in one area it is piled high, while in another, it has been removed. Redistributing it will help balance the energy loss through the roof.

Finally, it saves energy to turn off those items that aren’t necessary when they aren’t being used.

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