How does a Home Energy Audit Help?

One often the biggest ways a homeowner wastes money is by wasted energy being used in their home. Most homeowners would be shocked to learn the actual amount of money they could save if they were to take the necessary steps needed to create a more energy efficient environment. A home energy audit is by far the best first step one could take toward a more energy efficient home. When getting an energy audit it is recommended to use a trained analyst to be sure you’ll get a complete analysis of the entire house and implement the necessary measures to improve your home’s efficiency. An audit of this type will not only improve your home it can improve your life. There are many reasons an energy audit is recommended.

Some of these reasons include:

  • The ability to lower your energy cost

  • Adding to the lifespan of your home energy appliances

  • An improvement in your homes comfort and atmosphere

  • Showing your commitment to improving the environment

  • Save money through government energy incentives

There are many aspects to the audits that can dramatically improve your home’s ability to stay energy efficient. One great way to be sure that an audit is properly performed in your home is to understand what tests and procedures should be included in the audit. These tests include checking the blower door for leaks in a heating and cooling system, using inferred tools to check for potential problems throughout the house including windows, doors, ducts and any other areas of concern. Even more important than the energy saving potential, is the safety concerns that should be addressed. These include identifying potential fire hazards and possible carbon monoxide leaks using a combustion analyzer. The air quality can also be checked at some point which can prevent excess humidity and unhealthy mold production. Once the results are gathered a complete statistical analyst and follow up plan should be prepared. This should help prioritize issues that can cause the greatest impact in your energy usage and ensure all safety problems be addressed.

These tools will allow you to make an immediate impact on your energy bills, the environment, and even your safety. If you are a homeowner then you already know how large of an investment this is and with any investment it is imperative that it be protected. There are not many opportunities to improve the safety of your home while increasing your finances, and a home energy audit will do just that.