Cold Weather and Your Home

Even in the coldest winter in recent memory, one must try to effect energy saving upgrades and improve home energy efficiency. Costs savings are a powerful incentive, however, comfort is a reward in its own right. Consider that the money spent on heating will be far less satisfying if the home is uncomfortably cold or drafty. The best result is that one enjoy a warm and comfortable home in the winter, given the costs of energy in the area, and it is far more rewarding.

The foundation for savings and comfort is a thorough home energy audit. This simple and necessary beginning identify opportunities to add comfort and increase the benefit from home heating expenses. The return on the home heating dollar is in the enjoyment and comfort of those in the home. There is another consideration as citizens of a nation committed to reducing waste of resources, and the impact of burning fossil fuels on the environment, efficient use of energy is a contribution everyone can make. illustrates two fundamental facts. First, energy upgrades make a home noticeably more comfortable, and second, at saving in the range of 15% per month, energy improvement will pay for them over a relatively short period. The benefits of the home home audit and energy improvement program are:

  • $300 savings on the audit in Maryland.
  • Up to $2,000 in rebates from the utility companies.
  • Improved warmth and home comfort.
  • More efficient use of fuel, reduced emissions and a more favorable ecological impact.

Energy rebates make the tasks more affordable and convenient. Pepco and Potomac Edison Rebates offer a reduced cost energy audit and savings on follow-up insulation and energy saving fix-ups and repairs. The initial phase identifies drafts, leaks, inefficient heating systems, and opportunities to improve comfort such as additional insulation. To make the project more reachable for a greater number of area residents, the utilities offer a program of progressive discounts. According to, well insulated homes save money year around, not only in heating, but also in cooling costs in the hot seasons.

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