About Home Energy Savings Solutions

Home Energy Saving Solutions can help you determine cost-effective improvements you should make to your home. These might include air-sealing, insulation and/or weatherization to reduce drafts, humidity or mold problems. This will cut costs on your utility bill and add year-round comfort to your home.

Our qualified and accredited home energy auditors will use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to thoroughly examine your entire home. This allows them to determine ways in which you can improve your comfort level within your living area.

Once the analysis is complete, you will have the opportunity to review an extensive report that contains suggested improvements for your home. Each report lists a plan of improvements and a timeline in which you will start seeing positive results.

What Our Audits Can Do For You

When you conduct a home energy audit, we will provide the following services:

  • Inspect the entire interior and exterior of your home by looking for air leakage, moisture and insulation issues.
  • Test all combustible appliances for safety issues including leaks, carbon monoxide, backdrafting and incomplete combustion.
  • Use diagnostic equipment to find air leaks by de-pressurizing your entire home! This is called the blower door test.
  • Use a thermal imaging camera to look for air leakage, insulation, and potential moisture and mold issues.
  • Investigate  your HVAC system, looking for leakage, improper insulation and efficiency issues.
  • Look at all appliance and lighting systems for potential cost saving upgrade opportunities.

We Do More Than Just Audits

When we finish your Maryland energy efficiency audit, we will provide you with a report that contains a list of improvements that includes costs and benefits. Some improvements will consist of do-it-yourself projects for which we will provide instruction. We also provide energy enhancing services.

We are professionals at air-sealing, insulation and weatherization services. Once we make your desired improvements, we will gladly do the blower door test again. This allows you to measure your increased efficiency and comfort.

Areas That We Serve

We provide residential energy audits and solutions in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC.  Including- but not limited to:

  • Montgomery County
  • Frederick County
  • Howard County
  • Washington County
  • Carroll County
  • Prince Georges

Our Mission

At Home Energy Saving Solutions, our mission is to provide homeowners with comprehensive energy audits and solutions in Maryland that will assess and improve comfort, alleviate unhealthy conditions, save on energy bills, and reduce energy impact on the environment.